Currently, I Am All About:


Sephora Collection Gray Clay Mask

I'm not a sheet mask girl. If I'm putting something on my face, I want it to be thick. Thick like the mud on the banks of the Dead Sea. Thicc like Rhianna at the 2017 Kadooment Day Parade and this mask is exactly that - a thick paste that slathered on gray and turns white as it hardens. Since Florida is located on the surface of the sun, summertime causes my skin to go a little crazy and I end each day with melted make-up and a shiny face. This stuff makes me feel like a human again. 

Kush High Volume Mascara by Milk Makeup

False eyelashes are my favorite thing in the world. I've got like, 900 Sephora points and 75% of that comes straight from false lashes. They make me feel confident and beautiful. 
Lots of mascaras make the promise ("Falsies" "They're Real") but Kush High Volume is the only one that delivers.  In addition to adding volume, they add serious length and I'm all about the creamy texture. Oh and if you care about that kind of stuff - they're 100% vegan and made with hemp-derived cannabis oil. 


Polar Seltzer

It's better than LaCroix. I swear. 

Irish Vegetable Soup and Irish Brown Bread

I ate this at 75% of my meals and honestly, I think I could eat it every day and be quite happy. The bread was thick, hearty and slathered with real Irish butter and the soup was hot and comforting - a blend of onions, potatoes, parsnips and carrots, bound together with a splash of cream and a generous dusting of white pepper. The best food is often the most simple and these were some of the best meals of my life.