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JM and the Sweets

JM and the Sweets

Music = math and in order to better understand music, you should know how formulas work.

For example:

’60s girl groups: (Doe-eyed ingénue + shimmying back-up singers) x (bouffants x eyeliner) x egomaniacal manager = love songs x drama x ∞

Or try this: (John + Christine) x (Stevie + Lindsey) = Fleetwood Mac ≠ (John + Christine) x (Stevie + Lindsey) – Lindsey + Rick Vito – …

You know what? I’m not Alan Turing. I can’t do this. Let’s move on.

My new favorite band's formula works as such: 

(Stax on Stax) + (Alabama Shakes + Leon Bridges) x (Kings of Leon) = JM and the Sweets.

We first stumbled upon this band at C.W.S in Lake Worth and the second we heard them cover Kings of Leon's Use Somebody - we were hooked.

The Kings have featured pretty heavily in our lives together. 

About four months into our relationship, I found out they were performing a free show in New York, so we flew up to see them. 

We've driven to Nashville to see them perform on New Year's Eve, we flew to Boston last year to see them at the Garden and a few months ago when they rolled into West Palm, we saw the show up close and went backstage. 

JM and the Sweets not only perform the best damn cover of Kings of Leon's Use Somebody I have ever heard but they also do fantastic takes on Michael Jackson, The Temps and Tom Petty's American Girl

If you're local and want to hear some great music that feels like home, no matter where you're from - check them out. 



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Holy Shit I Love You: Podcasts

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New Year. New Blog.