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Holy Shit I Love You: Podcasts

Holy Shit I Love You: Podcasts

In addition to having real issues (immune system trying to murder my joints, the fact that the country is being run like a kakistocracy, bills, lack of sleep...), I also have a litany of First World Problems.

West Palm's breakfast taco game is weak and no-one sells migas tacos. 
I lose all my good pens ("good" meaning those shitty Bic ballpoints). 
The "good" bagel joint is too far away from work to be convenient.


My biggest First World Problem is that there are too many podcasts and not enough time to listen to them.

People have gotten around this issue by listening to podcasts at higher speeds but that strikes as in-goddamn-sane. Firstly, it would sound like Minnie Mouse doing whippets of helium behind the 7-11 and secondly, it would feel super rushed, thereby hampering any enjoyment of the show. 

Just like risotto and a really good kiss, a podcast shouldn't be rushed. 

All I do is listen to podcasts. Seriously. My media consumption is like, 85% podcasts and 15% Frasier reruns on Netflix. 

Here's what capturing my attention. You should check them out so we can talk about it. 

My Favorite Murder: Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark are basically two friends who came over with a bottle of Merlot while Law and Order: SVU was on, hung out and proceeded to tell me awesome true crime stories. This is the podcast that got me into podcasts and it wears a lot of hats - true crime, feminism, comedy, behavioral health issues and the destigmatization of mental illness. I never miss an episode. 

Stay sexy. Don't get murdered. 

Stay sexy. Don't get murdered. 

Cults: Why do people join cults? Like, what happens in someone's life to make them go, "Yeah. You know what? This person has all the answers and I want to be part of this." I am fascinated by this question and this podcast is a much more sobering and nuanced look into cults like The People's Temple and the Manson family. 

The Guest DJ Project: I have made playlists for essentially every occasion in my life (Cuddling on the Couch With Roxy is heavy on the Fleetwood Mac) and this podcast features some of my favorite celebrities making mixes. Every episode is 10 minutes of perfection. 

The Last Podcast on the Left: More true crime. This is much more long-form and they've done some serious deep-dives on Jack the Ripper, Jon Benet Ramsey and Oklahoma City. Great for a long drive/flight. 

Pod Save America: Politics, civics and how the Trump administration is goddamn dumpster fire as discussed by Jon Favreau (not that one), Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor - three guys who used to work for the Obama Administration. I spent an inordinate time yelling in agreement to this podcast. 

Lovett or Leave It: Lovett's live offshoot featuring guests, games and multiple references to Lovett's goldendoodle Pundit...who is an angel. 

Well respected on both sides. 

Well respected on both sides. 

Stay Tuned with Preet: Preet Bharara was the US attorney for the Southern District of New York until Trump fired him. Now, he spends his days podcasting about the law and listening to Springsteen, so dude is basically my hero. His days as an attorney have honed his storytelling skills and Bharara can make pretty much any story compelling. 

The Rewatchables: "Wait, wait, wait. I just wanna see what part it's at." If I catch When Harry Met Sally or Sleepless in Seattle on cable, I have to watch the whole thing. I've seen these movies a million times but that won't stop me from rewatching them. This podcast dives into all of those great movies. Check out the episode about The Departed

Radio Cherry Bombe: A female-centric conversation about food and the politics of food. Sidebar: How come cooking is women's work in the home and an industry dominated by men when there's money involved? 

2 Dope Queens: In my life, I have two very Brooklyn-centered goals. The first is to sing karaoke with Rob Sheffield (jam of choice - Flagpole Sitta by Harvey Danger) at Pine Box Rock Shop and the second is to eat at Best Pizza with Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams. 
Yes, The Secret is super bullshit but if you're gonna dream - dream big and dream specific. 
2 Dope Queens is comedy podcast that focuses on race, gender and relationships and sounds like hanging out with the smartest, funniest women you know. 

How Did This Get Made?: The League was one of my favorite TV shows and on How Did This Get Made? Andre (Paul Scheer) and Rafi (Jason Mantzoukas) get together with guests to talk about terrible movies. Like Glitter and Mannequin 2: On The Move. 

Because I am a glutton for punishment, is there anything else out there that I should be listening to? 

Get in touch and let me know! 

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