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We're Getting Married!

We're Getting Married!

I’ve tried to start this entry like, a million ways.

I was going to write about the dog beach - how Bones loves playing in the surf and chasing other dogs and Bear loathes it because it’s hot and sandy and ugh, the ocean? No, thank you. Fish fuck in it.

Or, I was going to write about how I would have made a terrible Boy Scout because I was utterly unprepared - bare face, unwashed hair and a shirt I typically wear when I’m doing yard work.

But, I didn’t want to bury the lede, so here it is - John and I are getting married!

Five years, two dogs, several thousand miles of adventures and more kisses, tacos and concerts than I can count later - we’re making it official.

I’m excited to write about it - the joy (and stress) of planning a cross-cultural wedding when you don’t have Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas money.

So, let us begin.

Setting The Date

First order of business - setting a date.

We did that last night. Took all of five minutes.

I’m sure that planning everything else will be just as easy and stress free.*

*I plan fundraisers as part of my job. Expect at least one blog post brought to you by a big ass tumbler of gin and another one brought to you by ugly crying, possibly occurring while locked in a closet. Yeah. That happened last year when I was planning a fundraiser. Shit ain’t cute but that’s why they make waterproof mascara.

We're Getting Married: Finding The Venue

We're Getting Married: Finding The Venue

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