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We're Getting Married: Finding The Venue

We're Getting Married: Finding The Venue

Palm Beach County has no dearth of event venues - it's warm and sunny here literally all the time and we have easy access to rum and various tropical fruit juices.  


But when you're looking to hold a wedding and inviting about 100 of your nearest and dearest, things get a little trickier and there are numerous factors to consider.

Location, Location, Location: 

We know we want to get married in Palm Beach County.

It's our home, we were raised here, we’re involved in the community and we love living here. So much so that I've actually considered getting a tiny palm tree tattoo. 


It's also super convenient for a majority of our family and friends who also call this place home. 

Since we're not religious people, we'll probably be having the ceremony and the reception in the same location, so a place that can facilitate both would be fantastic.   

We got engaged on the beach but I don't love the idea of an outdoor wedding because there are too many uncontrollable variables - inclement weather, getting sand in your eyes, red tide, sharknado...

I considered having the event at the Harriet Himmel Theater.

Pros: It's convenient and there's a Sephora literally right across the street so if my lashes fall off from crying - I can run over, get new ones and head back to the wedding in time for our first dance.

Cons: Parking can be a nightmare and we had our senior prom there (we didn't go together). Is that weird? That's a little weird. 

I think our best option would be either a hotel (free night stay for the newlyweds! Drunk people can just take the elevator upstairs!) or a golf course - gorgeous grounds, indoor/outdoor availability, they might be willing to work with an external caterer and hell, they might throw in a free round for the groom's party.


Despite my best efforts on 23 and Me, I can't figure out a way to show I'm related to Mukesh Ambani and have him pony up for the cost of the wedding. So, we're working with a budget.



In-house catering says they can take care of all palates and tastes, but here's the thing.


I very much doubt that Karen the Catering Manager can pronounce asafoetida much less figure out how to use it in a dish, so I'm gonna defer to a bunch of brown dudes who sling malai kofta for a living instead of relying on the skills of someone who calls it, "naan bread."

It's just naan, y'all. Naan means bread. 

The first thing Mom asked me when I told her we were engaged is if I had eaten yet.

Food is really important. Particularly to my family.

Mom once made me eat before I went out to dinner.

I’ve been to plenty of weddings where the vegetarian option is a sad grilled strip of unseasoned zucchini and a bunch of Indians making a Taco Bell run after our wedding is not a good look.

So, we’ve gotta do it right and make sure that everyone ends the night with unbuttoned pants and a contented smile on their face.

I'll start searching in earnest after the holidays but if anyone has any recommendations - please send them my way!

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