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A Blog Post About Blogging

A Blog Post About Blogging

I have been writing on the internet for about two decades - blogging in some form or another since I was a teenager chronicling my adolescent woes on LiveJournal.

Remember Of course you don't because no-one remembers unless you had a blog on it.

Which I did.

I can't remember what I wrote about, but it was assuredly terrible.

Soon, I graduated to Blogger, then Wordpress and finally, to Tumblr which I loved because the interface is so easy and so quick.

Then, I bought my own domain because that’s the natural progression for old-school bloggers when you turn 30, right?

Earlier this year, I graduated from a leadership program in which our “textbook” was Brene Brown’s Dare To Lead. She talks a lot about allowing yourself to be vulnerable and being your “authentic self.”

I like to believe that I’m a pretty genuine person and that this blog is a polished and professional extension of myself.

Well, as professional as one can be for shit-talking about Drake and clanging on about how much I love West Palm Beach.


However, this space doesn’t have the heart that my old blog did.

I miss that.

My old blog was a snapshot of my life as opposed to the pop cultural and quasi-political pontificating that I do now. Edited and re-edited, sourced and re-sourced.

My old blog lived in the moment.

Cute text message from John? Blog.
Adorable picture of Roxybear? Blog.
Picture of a delicious bagel I just ate? Blog.

Yes, I have both an Instagram and a Facebook account but this felt more like a journal and if there’s one thing I love - it’s journaling. I’ve got a stack of sticker-covered, spiral bound notebooks somewhere at Mom’s which prove that point.

New blog : me with false lashes :: old blog : me without false lashes.

Wait. No. Bullshit analogy because me with false lashes is my authentic self as evidenced by the 1000+ Sephora points I’ve accumulated.

If I’m going to be a more authentic version of myself, I should do it here as well as in my actual life.

Do you even care about this?

Of course not.

If my analytics are any indicator, you’re here for hot takes on SunFest, the Ruby Tuesday’s salad bar and “hot Indian moms” (dude, no. I mean, I fully intend on being a hot Indian mom but definitely not in the way you’re thinking).

But, if I write it here - it holds me accountable.

So, here’s to more authenticity, more blogging and more listening to the Indie Pop station on Spotify. You guys. It is so good.

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