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The Best Meals I've Ever Eaten

The Best Meals I've Ever Eaten

I realized very early the power of food to evoke memory, to bring people together, to transport you to other places, and I wanted to be a part of that.
— José Andrés Puerta

- Veuve Clicquot + fries with an ocean view on the Space Coast. 

- Those Christmas cookies my sister made with a ton of almond extract.

- The baklava John makes from scratch (!!) every Thanksgiving. It's all pistachios and hazelnuts and orange blossom syrup and just magicmagicmagic. 

- Valentine’s Day gnocchi with vodka sauce . We  shopped at the Italian market and bought super fancy 00 flour and I drank entirely too much champagne and made John do shots of warm vodka. 

- Watermelon or apples + peanut butter shared with Indiana and Roxy while watching New Girl.

- Stovetop popcorn. When my aunt and grandma made it for me, when Mom makes it for me and puts a ton of turmeric in it and serves it out of that big plastic container or when I make it (sugar+salt+cayenne+onion powder) and hand-feed it to the kids. Nothing feels more like home. 

- New Year’s Day Fried Green Tomato and Pimento Cheese Biscuits at the Loveless Cafe in Tennessee with the only ten I see.


- Baby Corn Manchurian at Taste of India

- Mughal Back Room Feast, Level 5 Gobi Manchurian and Bullet Naan at Indus. Sniffling through the whole damn meal but you can't stop eating because it tastes so good. 

- Kasespaetzel in Stuttgart, vegan currywurst mit pommes fritte in Munich and Christmas Eve Obadza in Rothenberg.

- Fresh fruit every day in Colombia. Tiene maracuya or la sandia?

- Post-hike Animal-Style Fries, a grilled cheese and Diet Coke at In-N-Out in Vegas.

- Fried pokeweed and golden corn cakes with lemon aioli and charred onion dust at Husk in Nashville. 

- Hot and Sweet Pecans with Steen's Cane Syrup and cayenne at Vacherie in New Orleans and drunk girl fried okra at Nola Po’Boys.


- Breathing in the mythology of Springsteen and eating cannoli donuts in Asbury Park, NJ. 

- Many cups of tea (in my blue mug) and several Digestive biscuits at Mom’s table.

- Howley’s at the bar with Dara who always knows that a shitload of lemon means a shitload of lemon.

- Pizza with John. Domino’s or Pizza Paradise or that place in Staten Island with the fried eggplant or literally anywhere as long as we’re sharing.

- This goddamn insane bastard of a pizza at Birravino in Red Bank with ALL of the burrata on it. 

- Bread, butter and vegetable soup in Ireland.

- Tea and hot buttered toast anytime, anywhere. 

- Wawa Diet Cokes and soft pretzels with Sarah.

- Vegan Chicago dogs at Wrigley Field watching the Cubbies play the Nats. 


- Avocado-based birthday dinner at Billy’s. Fried avocado tacos topped with avocado-tomatillo salsa and guacamole. 

- Cheerios/Chex sauteed with chili powder, salt, cumin, sugar and turmeric eaten while sitting on the couch, catching up on whatever I’ve DVR’d. 

- Wine and homemade cheese plates. Always. On a boat in the Keys or on the couch while watching Game of Thrones.

- Third date with John where he took me to Darbster/10th date with John where I took him to Cut 432 where the chefs made me an amazing vegetable plate.  

- Legit Indian Thanksgiving dinners with mutter paneer, Gobi Manchurian and crispy fried kale garnished with pomegranate seeds. 


- Mole-rubbed carrot tacos at Big Star in Wicker Park, Chicago.

- Tacos in Austin. Dipping every bite into Salsa Dona, ordering entirely too much (and finishing every bite) at Torchy’s and that teeny place that served migas tacos. 

- Tacos at Cholo Soy with puckeringly delicious margaritas (no salt) and chifles with housemade habanero+pineapple sauce.  Especially after a bad day when I got drenched, the wine bottle smashed and there was broken glass and Merlot all over the universe.

- Yuca Brava at Zipitios

- Glazed donuts torn up into little pieces and eaten in the car on a roadtrip. 

- Homemade bhel with the family where we gossip as much as we eat and I use entirely too much ambli.

- Chips+salsa and margaritas (rocks, no salt) with anyone at anytime.

- Craft beer and veggie hot dogs from PS561 while playing Cards Against Humanity or Giant Jenga. 

- Free brunch at Copper Blues where we drank all the mimosas

- Post 33rd Birthday brunch at Hullaballoo where we sat outside in the sunshine and that Diet Coke saved my life and I should have gotten an egg on my pancakes but next time. 

- Post-Engagement croissants and champagne in the kitchen.

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