Hi. I'm Jaime

Find joy in the little things. Travel when possible. Pet all the dogs. Use hyperbole and curse words prodigiously. Write it down. Always ask about hot sauce.

This Weekend

This Weekend


Discovering car shows in Lake Worth - better red than dead American muscle and tributes to Star Wars - you can Luke but you can't touch.


Fried avocado tacos and curried cauliflower at Lilo's which was great but I think we all know that Gobi Manchurian is the GOAT.


Summer nights in a speakeasy - winks to Harry Potter, $5 Bourbon passion fruit punches, smoky Old Fashioneds and Bees Knees with egg whites.

Drinking tequila and gin and bourbon means when you hear Paula Abdul's Rush Rush on the way home, you burst into tears and immediately start texting one of your best friends to tell her you love her.


UCF v. FAU. Charging on in black and gold, tailgating with homemade salsa dona and what happens when you burn our mascot.

We burn your goddamn scoreboard and bring the wrath of the heavens with us - 48-14.


Giffing myself to flirt with John over text message. Easy tiger…

Rest in Peace, Eddie Money

Rest in Peace, Eddie Money

This Weekend - Hurricane Dorian Edition

This Weekend - Hurricane Dorian Edition