East Nashville is my kind of magic.

East Nashville is my kind of magic.

Jaime Joshi is a thirtysomething writer from South Florida who never met a pop culture reference she didn’t like.

She also finds writing in the third person super weird, so that being said -

Hi guys!

I'm Jaime.

I grew up in Southall, England and West Palm Beach, Florida making me a proud immigrant, Floridian and American.

I emphasize the Floridian because I’m well aware of the shit-talking that happens regarding my state.

To which I say - I can get fresh grapefruit juice whenever I want, it’s warm in February and we don’t have a state income tax.

Kinda in love with my home, guys.

I’m also a card-carrying member of both the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, an ENFP personality type and a Type 2 Enneagram, a yogi (practitioner, not teacher), a feminist, a vegetarian who will eat around the bacon in her salad and a gin snob.

I probably find myself far more charming than I actually am and I write a lot.

In addition to crafting intermittent blog posts punctuated by strings of profanities, I also write professionally and for a while, I used to write about music. You can read more of my work here: 

When I’m not writing, I’m hanging out with my dogs and fiance, banging the drum about how Eddie Money’s Take Me Home Tonight is the apex of the American pop canon or planning my next adventure.

These adventures typically involve travel, live music, great food or a combination of all three.  

Like Dean Moriarty from On The Road, I am eager for bread and love. Like Kanye West from God, his first few albums were so good, why is he such a jackass now? - my life is dope and I do dope shit.

Dope Shit I’ve Done:

Ridden a horse through a Colombian jungle , white-water rafted in Colorado, rang in the New Year on a Nashville rooftop, rang in the New Year on the River Thames in London, hiked to Delicate Arch in Utah, attended Christmas Eve Midnight Mass in Rothenberg Ob Der Tauber, cuddled lambs in Ireland and participated in a singalong of Bohemian Rhapsody with thousands of people at Austin City Limits

However, the coolest thing in the world is coming home and having your dog light up upon seeing you.

That's probably why I'm always covered in dog hair.

The Kids - Miss Roxy Shenanigans and Dr. Indiana Bones

The Kids - Miss Roxy Shenanigans and Dr. Indiana Bones

This blog is thusly named because hot sauce is vital to my emotional well-being. The best kind is the freshly made stuff in the squeezy bottles at your local taco joint but El Yucateco runs a close second.

I’m getting more in touch with my Indian heritage, but I think that just means I’m eating more Indian food.
I’m weirdly evangelical about Bruce Springsteen, Robert F. Kennedy is one of my heroes, I still miss Anthony Bourdain with an inexplicable ache, Mindy Kaling is my Oprah and if I could meet any person - living or dead - I’d want to meet Rob Sheffield and hang out at a karaoke bar in Brooklyn.
I believe in mischief and kindness and in telling people the good stuff about themselves and I believe in in the curative powers of false eyelashes, well-made gin cocktails and sitting on the couch in your favorite t-shirt and underwear while consuming an epic amount of Indian food and watching Super Troopers.

It’s nice to meet you.

I can tell that we are gonna be friends.