Jaime Joshi is a thirtysomething writer from South Florida.


OK. Yeah. No.

Writing in the third person? That's not going to work for me.

Do I look like that kind of person? I mean, my profile picture is me laying on the ground while doing goat yoga.

Yeah. Goat Yoga is a thing and it is just as adorable as it sounds. 

So, hi guys!

I'm Jaime and I write a lot. In addition to writing professionally, I also craft intermittent blog posts punctuated by strings of profanities. 

You can read more of my work here

When I'm not writing, you can find me hanging out with my dogs and boyfriend, expressing loud opinions on gin/why Eddie Money's Take Me Home Tonight is the apex of American pop music or planning my next adventure. 

These adventures typically involve travel, live music, seriously excellent vegetarian food or a combination of all three.  

Some fun facts about me: 

- I firmly believe that you can mend a broken heart/a litany of other bullshit with false eyelashes, a well-made gin cocktail or by sitting on the couch in your favorite t-shirt and underwear while consuming an epic amount of Indian food and watching Super Troopers.

- I'm not a religious person....unless we're talking about Springsteen, in which case I become weirdly evangelical. 

- I have Rheumatoid Arthritis - an autoimmune disease in which my immune system is aggressively helpful and tries to murder my joints. It is total dick but modern medicine is incredible. 

- I was born in England and moved to the States when I was 11. I became an American in 2015. Immigrants! We get the job done!

In pigeon pose, hanging out with some baby goats

In pigeon pose, hanging out with some baby goats

- Hot sauce is necessary to my emotional well-being. So much so that I named my blog after it. 


The best kind is the freshly made stuff in the squeezy bottles at your local taco truck. 

- I've ridden a horse through a Colombian jungle, white-water rafted in Colorado, seen Stevie Wonder play in Central Park and participated in a singalong of Bohemian Rhapsody with thousands of people at Austin City Limits but the coolest thing in the world is coming home from vacation and having your dog light up upon seeing you. That's probably why I'm always covered in dog hair. 

Basic Life Rules:

  1. If you’re not operating from a place of kindness and mischief, literally what the fuck are you even doing?
  2. Tell people the good stuff about themselves - they deserve to hear it.